Better Late Than Never!


I was watching this YouTube video released by TED last week. In it, a man shared about three things that he realized about life while his plane was about to crash at 3,000 feet. Luckily, he survived and lived to share his experience 🙂 One of the things that crossed his mind was his bucket list in life — all the things that he wished he had done, but did not get a chance to. Now he has learned to live everyday as if it is his last so he will live with no regrets. 

After watching this video, I thought about my own to-do list in life. In the midst of the gazillion items I have on my list, starting my own travel blog is definitely one of the top items. I have been thinking about it for some time and my family and friends have  been very supportive about this idea. 

So…here I am writing the first entry of my travel blog! 2016 is going to be a new start and I am going to be one regret short! 😀 Blogging is a very new concept to me but hopefully I will be able to keep my followers (somewhat) entertained with the many adventures of Ms. Chan Chan (yours truly)! My goal is to post once a week and share my travel and eating experiences, two things that I am very passionate about! Hope I have inspired you to start chipping away at your own bucket list in life! 

— Ms. Chan Chan 




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