Memory Corner – Richmond

I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try a new place I have not been to before. After doing some research on Zomato, I decided to give this place a try. We came here on a Sunday night at 6:30 p.m. and the place was packed. We waited almost 30 minutes to get a table.


Ambiance -6/10. The restaurant is not very big (sits only 40 people) so the tables are pretty crowded. Chairs are not particularly comfortable. As the restaurant is busy, you cannot sit for a very long time.

Food – 8/10. The restaurant serves Taiwanese cuisine. They have a good variety of items on the menu, some of which are not served at other Taiwanese restaurants. I was fortunate enough to try some of the local dishes when I was in Taiwan this past December and I look forward to coming back to this restaurant to try them out. I spent about $25 for my meal which is similar to other Taiwanese restaurants when you order a la carte.

I had the potted ferrero rocher milk tea ($5.95). I enjoyed the drink as it really tasted like ferrero rocher (there are some chocolate chunks) and it was not too sweet. I had it cold with no ice. The chocolate crumbs at the top were also very delicious.


I ordered the Chinese Beef Rolls. I thought it was pretty pricey at $6.75. The green onion was a little bitter and the wrap was not soft enough. It would also have tasted better if it was served hotter. The presentation is also mediocre. I think the one at Uncle Lu’s is much better.


I also ordered the fried chicken steak with fried rice. That one was pretty good. The chicken steak was fried just right while retaining the meat juice. The fried rice was served with corn and green beans. The proportion was pretty big. My friend ordered the satay beef with spaghetti. His looked pretty appetizing as well.

Service – 7/10. The restaurant is busy so the servers are constantly on the go. The food does take a while to come. No outstanding service here but nothing really to complain about either.

Good to Know! – The restaurant takes reservation so do call as they are always busy. Street parking is paid. Alternatively, you can park at Richmond Center, City Hall or down the block (at your own risk!).

Overall – I will come back to try their wintermelon drinks as I did not get a chance to try in Taiwan!

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