Thai Son Restaurant – Richmond

There are many good Pho restaurants in Richmond and this is one of my favourite. We came here on a Tuesday night and the restaurant was pretty full because they have 10% off on Tuesdays.


Ambiance – 6/10. This restaurant does not have any fancy decor. The dining area is quite spacious and has some bigger tables to accommodate larger groups. I always find it slightly chilly in here in terms of temperature.

Food – 9/10.  Prices at this restaurant are comparable to other Pho restaurants. I think their Pho noodles are decent (good portion of meat, noodles are cooked just right and broth is not too salty). You can choose between small or large size.

Like other Vietnamese restaurant, they provide you with free bean sprout and lime.


Every time I come here I always order their Vietnamese salad roll (pork, shrimp, vermicelli & vegetables wrapped in rice paper). I love dipping the rolls in the peanut sauce. Their deep fried spring rolls are very good as well. Very crispy and not burnt.


For entree, I ordered the grilled lemon grass chicken with fried egg on steam rice. Decent portion of meat and everything was grilled just right. I find a lot of Vietnamese restaurants over-grill their chicken and it becomes burnt or too dry. The rice dish also comes with Vietnamese fish sauce and a soup.


My aunt ordered the assorted seafood noodles (artificial crab, fish balls, squid and shrimp with rice noodles, dried). Both my aunt and my mom said this place serves the best dried noodles.


Service – 6.5/10. As they only have two servers, there is quite a bit of a wait to get seated, place your order and of course, waiting for the food. Twice that I came here on a Tuesday, one of our items was missed and we waited almost 20 minutes for the food. Considering that Pho is usually served quite quickly, 20 minutes is quite a long wait. You also have to go to the front to pay your bill.

Good to Know! – Super difficult to find parking here on a weekend which is why I only come here on a weekday. Be careful where you park because if you park in the adjacent plaza, you will get ticketed. This restaurant is cash only.

Overall – One of my top Pho restaurants in Richmond…


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