So Thai So Good – Tsim Sha Tsui

Get ready for a blogging streak! I’ve been to many good restaurants this past week so there’s going to be a flood of reviews coming your way!


My coworker from Malaysia landed today so I wanted to take him to a good restaurant. I picked this one because my cousin said it was pretty good. We arrived at 7:15 p.m. without a reservation and was seated quickly.


Ambiance – 7/10. Decent dining area but nothing fancy. It was quite loud at times though. We had to raise our voices to hear each other.

Food – 8/10. There are not too many options on their menus that are not spicy. Even though some of the items we ordered only had 1 star (mild spicy), to me, it was VERY spicy already. This is a Thai fusion restaurant which had some pretty neat dishes. The dishes were pretty expensive, averaging at $78 HKD.

We ordered two drinks – passion fruit slush and earl grey tea. Both these were very good.

We ordered the stir fried morning glory with garlic and chili. This one was good but no surprises here.


We also ordered the Fried rice with grilled chicken and pineapple. The chicken was not too dry but my favourite was the fried rice. They mixed in raisins, mixed veggies and dry shredded meat with the fried rice which added sweetness and texture to the dish.


Next  came the squid ink spaghetti with deep fried soft shell crab. This was a very unique combination but surprisingly went well together! The squid ink was very smooth and not clumpy. Also, the soft shell crab was very crispy and fresh! This was my favourite dish of the evening.


We concluded with the deep fried prawn in signature dressing with tomato salad. They were very generous with the amount of cherry tomatoes. The lettuce also came with some spicy herbs which made the salad spicy. However, the shrimps were the best. The mayo sauce paired so nicely with the freshness of the deep fried prawns. The prawns were also very big.


Service – 9/10. Not too much to complain about. Food was served quickly.

Good to Know! – 90 minute seating. The restaurant is located inside Miramar Mall on the third floor.

Overall – A very refreshing twist to Thai cuisine!

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