King’s Dumpling – Tsim Sha Tsui


My fourth time eating Xiao Long Bao in HK…It seems like that’s all I eat!  I came here with a church friend on Monday night for dinner. We made reservations for 7:15 p.m. but the restaurant was clearly not busy.


Ambiance – 8/10. This is a pretty cozy place to sit and have dinner because they have booths along the window and along the wall facing the mall. We got the last booth facing the window but there is not much of a scenery to look at.

Food – 8/10. Price is comparable to other Shanghainese restaurants. They don’t really have any fancy signature dishes but overall food quality is good. Our bill came up to be around $120 HKD per person and we had a little bit of food to spare.

We started with the Drunken Chicken as an appetizer. The chicken has no bones which made it easy to eat. The taste of wine was very strong but not overpowering.


We also ordered the xiao long bao and the steam vegetable dumpling. Both were served very hot. I think the quality is better than Paradise Dynasty but not as good as the one I had at Crystal Jade as it has less meat so they did not look as full.

For our carbs, we ordered their beef noodle soup and the deep fried pork chop fried rice. The soup was very rich and the noodles really absorbed the essence of the soup. It was slightly spicy but tolerable. The beef was tender and lean. I enjoyed this one more than the one I had at Crystal Jade. I also really liked the fried rice and the pork chop as they were not too oily. The pork chop also had no bones which made it easy to eat.

For dessert we had the steam chocolate xiao long bao which was very delicious. The chocolate was slightly runny so it would not be too messy eating it and it was not too sweet.


Service – 9/10. Pretty good overall!

Good to Know! – This restaurant is located on the 4th floor of The One shopping mall. You do have to pay for tea per head which costs $7HKD.

Overall – A good alternative to Crystal Jade!

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