JKJ Pot – Tsim Sha Tsui

Chicken hot pot is one of the latest trends in Hong Kong and I wanted to try it out since we do not have this in Vancouver. We made reservations on Open Rice online for 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.

Ambiance – 7.5/10. The restaurant is not very big. There was only about 10 tables. Certain areas of the restaurant were well decorated but the ceiling above us had some  water stains from the air conditioning.

Food –  9/10. We paid around $220 HKD per person which is quite pricey for hot pot considering that we only ordered one plate of seafood. The one I went to 2 weeks ago was a much better deal.

When you arrive at the table, they provide you with the condiments to choose from.


First, they will ask you to place the order for the chicken first. You can pick the level of spiciness (none, little or hot) and also which part of the chicken you would like (breast, thigh or mixed).

Although we picked not spicy, I found the chicken hot pot to be pretty numbing on the tongue! I had to drink a few cups of water to rinse it down.  There were many ingredients added (onions, cilantro, pepper and anise) which gave it a very strong flavour. It was also nice that the chicken had no bones! You can eat the chicken as soon as it is served since it is pre-cooked.


After you finish the chicken, they will add in the soup base that you picked. You can choose two different soup base but we stuck to one. We picked the lobster soup base which was very flavourful and surprisingly a good match.


After we finished the chicken, we were already half full. We then ordered a large order of beef slices which I thought was quite pricey at $298 HKD. The meat quality was good but I did not think it warranted that price.


We also ordered the mixed veggie basket which had A LOT of veggies (bok choy, choi sum, lettuce, corn and Romanian lettuce). For drinks, we ordered the sugarcane juice which is home made ($48 HKD).


For seafood, we ordered the razor fish (2 for $79 HKD). You put it in with the shell on and when it falls off the shell, that’s when you know it is ready to eat. The razor fish was very fresh and tasted sweet.


Next we had the shitake mushroom stuffed with shrimp paste. The mushrooms tasted very fresh.


My favourite dish of the evening was the home made deep fried bean curd (響鈴). You only need to put it in the soup base for 5 seconds and it is ready to eat. I love eating this with hot pot as it fully absorbs the essence of the soup base.


Service – 8/10. Staff were very patient to answer questions and prompt to attend to our needs. Although it said maximum eating time was 2 hours during busy hours, we got kicked out after 1.5 hours because they said they were busy and we were already done eating.

Good to Know! – Make your reservations on Open Rice online as you may have to wait a very long time for a table. This restaurant is located on Hillwood Lane in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Overall – Interesting experience but I think once is enough for me!

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