Hong Kong Museums – Part 1

I have visited 4 museums in Hong Kong so far and they have all exceeded my expectations! There is English and Chinese translations for everything which make it easy for locals and foreigners to enjoy. Admission prices are much cheaper than other countries I have visited.  In fact, all museums are free on Wednesdays! It’s a great way to spend some time on the weekend away from the crowds and when it is too hot to be outdoors! 



I came here a few weeks ago during International Museum Day so admission was free! Although I was born in Hong Kong, I know very little about the history of my home town as I grew up in Canada. This was nice for me to get in touch with my roots!

You could easily spend a whole day here if you read all the exhibits in detail and watched all the documentaries. I spent about 2.5 hours here and got a glimpse of everything. The museum is broken up into 8 sections. layout.png

My favourite was the folk culture section. The exhibits were very colourful and I felt that these traditions are very unique to Hong Kong.

This is a famous area in Hong Kong known for its crimes. 


These are the masks that people wear when performing dragon dance.



Dragon dance! 


I also enjoyed the Early Growth of the City. These reminds me of the back drop that you see in the TVB dramas in the early 1950-1960s.

How a mail box looked back then…


Hong Kong tram, also known as a “Ding Ding”.


This is how a grocery store looks back then…


The museum ends with the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.


Be sure to check out the gift shop! There are lots to see there as well. There is also a retro cafe in the museum where you can enjoy some snacks.




20160515_193412_resized_1.jpgThis museum is located right across the Museum of History. This museum is very kid-friendly so you see many parents here with their kids. Although I came by myself, I easily spent 2.5 hours here looking at the exhibits. You may want to leave some time to watch the shows as well. They also have special exhibits here that change every few months. There are 3 floors in total in this museum.

On the main floor, you will see a large display like this. I believe it is a pinball machine similar to the one we have in Science World in Vancouver.


I sat down and watched this show which talks about use of toxic chemicals in the workplace. It was quite funny to watch. The show loops every 30 minutes.


I didn’t take too many other pictures as I was too busy playing with the exhibits. Here are a few more pictures that I snapped:

Huge dinosaur fossil! 


T-Rex head fossil. 


Show times for lab work. 


The museum closes at 9 p.m. on the weekend so I suggest you go to the Museum of History first which closes at  8 p.m. Also, there are less people later in the evening.





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