Glasshouse – Central


My cousin and I were returning from Discovery Bay via the ferry so we picked this restaurant for dinner as it was conveniently located inside the IFC Mall where the terminal is connected to.

Ambiance – 9/10. This restaurant is located on L3 of the IFC mall where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong from the Hong Kong island side. The view is absolutely gorgeous! The restaurant is not too big but the decor is very trendy and Western style. There is a very nice bar inside the restaurant.


Food – 8.5/10. There is not a large quantity of items to choose from but the variety is there. They serve Western cuisine. We paid about $280 HKD per person which is decent given its location.

They have some pretty interesting drinks as well. My cousin ordered the lychee and rose twist ice tea ($52 HKD) while her friend ordered the Midnight Gloria ($52 HKD). I ordered the jasmine and rose tea ($38 HKD).


For appetizer, we had the crispy fries with black truffle mayonnaise ($68 HKD). The fries looked really greasy but luckily, they did not taste so. The essence is in the mayonnaise which really brought out the taste in the french fries.


We also ordered the crab cake. It was filled with crab meat but was a pretty small proportion for its price ($105 HKD).


For entree, we had the wagyu beef rump steak with black truffle fried rice ($198 HKD). The wagyu beef was very tender and cooked as we requested (medium). You could taste the black truffle in the fried rice but I found the rice a little bland.


We also ordered the ravioli in mushroom sauce ($128 HKD). I really like the creamy mushroom sauce but I found the filling of the ravioli a little too stiff. It would have tasted better if the filling was more melted. There was a good amount of mushrooms though.


For dessert, we shared the banana creme brulee with moscovado sugar and dark coffee ($88 HKD). They put the sugar on the dessert and light it on fire after they bring it to your table. After the flame dies, you are suppose to eat the creme brulee by dipping it in the cappuccino. The burning of the sugar on the top of the brulee caramelized the banana which made it very creamy. It was delicious!


Service – 5/10. When I called the restaurant to make reservations, I had to call 3-4 times before someone picked up. When we placed our order, our server (who was the manager, by the way) gave us a condescending look and told us that what we ordered was not enough. If he had phrased it in a different way, it would have made it better. At a high end restaurant like this, you would not have expected this type of service.

Good to Know! – Reservations are available at 6:45 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. via the phone. It is located on the 3rd floor of the IFC mall. Once you head outside, go pass the misty water foundation in the middle and walk towards the end.

Overall – Great view but probably more ideal for a snack or drink instead of a full meal!



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