R&B (Research and Bakery) – Tsim Sha Tsui

On a wet sunny day, we were not in the mood to walk too far for lunch so we picked this restaurant which is only a few steps away from St. Andrew’s Church after Sunday service.


Ambiance – 9/10. This restaurant is located on the 3rd floor and occupies the entire floor. There is a large counter space in front of the kitchen.


I really like the decor of this restaurant because it reminds me of the restaurants back in Vancouver. It feels very comfortable with lots of natural lighting and spacious tables.


Food -8.5/10. Price is on the high end so I took off half a point. We paid $180 HKD per person for lunch! For drinks, I ordered the peach green tea ($32 HKD) and my friend had the hot chocolate ($35 HKD). Drinks were decent and they do have a good selection to choose from.

We ordered the Sumo burger and asked for it to be cut in half ($138 HKD). This burger is huge. I was 75% full after eating my share.


I could not put the whole thing in my mouth so I had to eat it in layers. Inside you will find pineapple, spam, pork chop, lettuce and fried onions. All the ingredients were very juicy and tender! You can tell by the grill marks that the pork chop and pineapple were grilled.


We also ordered the Carbonara Pie but we only touched 25% of this ($118 HKD). The pasta was very creamy and filled with bacon bites and cheese.


Service – 9/10. We were seated very quickly. The server came by to fill our waters quite often. It did take quite some time for the food and drinks to come (relative to other HK restaurants).

Good to Know! – In hindsight, it would have been a better idea to get one entree and one snack to share as the proportions are quite large. The deep fried chicken was a popular choice as we saw many tables ordering it. We did not make reservations and there was also no one waiting while we were there but it may be because it was a rainy day.

Overall –  Very delicious Western food but I think I could find something similar in Vancouver for slightly cheaper!

2 thoughts on “R&B (Research and Bakery) – Tsim Sha Tsui

  1. TravelDevoted says:

    Looks delicious! Hong Kong seems to be pricey for their food, at least that was our experience on our trip there.


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