Ippudo – Mong Kok

We were in Mong Kok to pick up our tickets for Macau so we decided to have dinner here as well. My cousin picked this ramen place in Langham Place to try. We came here at 8 p.m. and waited 25 minutes for a table of 3.  It felt like the longest wait since we were starving after a long day of work… 


Ambiance – 7.5/10. The restaurant is not very big so the tables are quite close together. Most tables accommodate 2 to 4 people with a long bar table at the back. No fancy decor here but the back wall had some spoons and bowls as a backdrop which was neat.

Food – 7.5/10. There is a good variety of items to choose from. They are famous for their ramens and they offer two sizes for each type. Ramens are not cheap in Hong Kong but this one is slightly more expensive while the proportion seems smaller.

We ordered the mini gyozas to share. They were 6 for $40 HKD. They were decent but no surprises here.


My cousin ordered the Special Kuro ramen which is slightly spicy.  She ordered the large size which comes with an extra egg, seaweed and a piece of pork. It has a black shoyu soup base.


Her friend ordered the Special Akamaru Shinaji ramen which is also slightly spicy but with a clear soup base. She also ordered a side of corn with butter.


I had the Hakodate Shio ramen with a side order of a flame grilled chashu. I like the soup as it was very clear and sweet. The ramen was cooked on the softer side which is what I prefer. The chasuu was not too skinny nor too fat.



Service – 5/10. We got a little fed up while waiting for our table as we told the person that we wanted a table of our own but when 2 people at a 4 person table left, she gave the table to another group of 2 instead of waiting for that one person to finish and giving us the table. To sum it up, we had to wait longer than we needed to! This was particularly frustrating when you are so tired and hungry already!

Good to Know! – Go early to grab a ticket so you do not have to wait so long. We went on a week night and it was already so busy. Go for the large size as their proportions are not very big.

Overall – Ramen was good but nothing seems to stand out!

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