Healthfare – Market Crossing, Burnaby

I have been more conscious (just a tad more!) about what I have been putting in my mouth lately  and this was one of the healthier-alternative restaurants that I found on Yelp which had a very good rating. I came here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon with some girlfriends to try it out.

Ambiance – 7/10. This is a small casual cafe with simple decor. The green painting on the wall fits well with the “healthy” theme.


Food – 9/10. The calorie  count and ingredients used are provided for each item on their menu so you know exactly what you are consuming. Prices were reasonable and the proportions were smaller as expected due to the lower calorie counts. However, I still found the food to be very flavourful which comes to show that eating healthy can be just as fun too!

Two of my friends ordered the “Not So Butter Chicken”. You can choose between 3 levels of spiciness. By cutting up the naan it helps to trick the brain that you are eating more than had they served it in one big piece! Dish was saucy and had tons of chicken.


Two of us ordered the “Chicken, peanut and lime rice bowl”. The dish was served hot with just the right amount of sauce. The dish had a good variety of texture as there was chicken, peppers, broccoli, onions and peanut. I enjoyed every bite of it!


We had also ordered the Mixed Berry Smoothie and the Mango Frozen Yogurt. Both were very good as well!

Service – 8/10. The cafe is self-served. When you are ready, you go to the front to place your order. The server brings the food to your table. The owner was super nice and came to check with us couple of times to see if we needed anything.

Good to Know! – The restaurant is a Canadian franchise which focuses on healthy eating with fresh produce, minimal processing and bringing it back to the basics.

Overall – If you are looking for healthier options, you definitely need to check this restaurant out!

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