Tsawwassen Mills

There was so much hype about this mall even before it had opened – there were ads for it everywhere – Facebook, on buses, on the radio etc. – so there was much anticipation for it. I have always been reluctant to visit this mall because of the horrible traffic in the Massey Tunnel and this is the fastest route to get to the mall from Richmond. To avoid the congestion, we decided to go bright and early on Family Day at 11 a.m. after the counter flow lane is removed. We had a smooth drive out there, taking just slightly under 35 minutes.

The mall occupies 1.2 million square foot with 6,000 parking spots and 200 stores, making it one of the largest malls in Canada. We spent about 4.5 hours here and we only covered about 60% of the stores. There are multiple entrances which makes it convenient as you don’t have to loop all the way around if you are only interested in visiting particular stores.


They have a very good selection of stores with something for everyone, but surprisingly, they do not have any electronic stores such as Apple or Best Buy. One of the featured stores in the mall is the Bass Pro Shops. It is a store which sells fishing supplies with a giant aquarium tank in the middle. There were lots of people here taking photos.

They also have a decent sized Canucks merchandise store which I haven’t seen in other malls.


The mall also has a huge food court area in the middle with a reasonable selection of food stalls. It was the typical vendors that you would see at other malls so no surprises here.

There are only 4 restaurants – Milestone, Boston Pizza, Montana BBQ & Bar and Uncle Buck’s –  which are dispersed across the mall.


Getting Here

If you are going to be driving here, I recommend heading here shortly after they open (10 a.m.) and head out before 3 p.m. in order to avoid congestion. We left at 3:30 p.m. that day and it took us an additional 30 minutes to get home. There were already congestion before we even got near the Massey Tunnel and this is on a statutory holiday! I can’t imagine what traffic would be like on a week day when everyone is heading home from work. I also recommend going in one car so you can take advantage of the HOV lane which gives you a little head start getting into the tunnel.

Alternatively, you can take the “601 South Delta” bus from Bridgeport Canada Line Station which takes you right in front of the mall. It only takes about 30 minutes.


There are three things I like about this mall:

  1. Deals – I found that the sales were better than the malls in Richmond. There were also more selection within the same stores as the store sizes were bigger.
  2.  Decor – The mall is really nicely built with high ceiling and interesting architecture pieces. There is a rest area in each section of the mall where the poor guys can sit and relax while their girlfriends/wives shop til they drop. The resting area each had their unique theme which was really neat.
  3. Family Friendly – there are also plenty of play areas around the mall to keep the kids entertained so they are not running around the mall and creating hazard!


If you haven’t been to Tsawwassen Mills yet, I recommend coming at least once to check it out!


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