Ajishou Japanese Cuisine

There was much hype about the opening of this restaurant as the restaurant had won the bid for a blue tuna from the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan. I was lucky to try the fish while I was visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan last July but I was still eager to give this restaurant a try.


Ambiance – 8/10.  There are some interesting touches in the restaurant that I really like – the bar table which has a nice calming blue light backdrop, the showcase of Japanese sake at the main entrance and also a good proportion of bamboo plants across the restaurant. I did feel that the tables were a little too cramped along the side though.

Food – 8/10. There were only two of us that day and we were not too hungry. We ended up ordering the assorted sashimi and two rolls. I forgot to take a picture of the menu and I can’t believe they don’t have their menu online! The assorted sashimi was fresh and was compromised of the typical fishes you would find with the same dish ordered at other Japanese restaurants (i.e. salmon, ebi, tuna and hamachi). As for the rolls, one had aburi salmon on top with cooked salmon and aspharagus in the middle. The combination was good but was a little dry as there is no sauce at all. The other roll had aburi tuna on top with avocado and green onion in the middle. This one was much richer in taste thanks to the creamy texture of the avocado. Both rolls were decent but I found it a little pricy at $15.95 each.

Service – 9/10. Servers were very attentive to our needs and came by often to check if we needed anything. Since we were seated at the bar table, there were no space to hang our coats. The servers were very prompt to help us hang them out in the coat room and also to return them when we were leaving.

Good to Know! – I think the best seat in the house is at the bar table where you can watch the sushi chef make the rolls right in front of your eyes! The stools are not very spacious but there is a hook under the table where you can hang your bag. This is very handy. I would recommend making reservations as they are still pretty busy on a week night.


Overall – Pretty decent Japanese restaurant in Richmond but nothing really stood out for me.

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