I was looking for some restaurants in Richmond that I have not been before and I came upon this one on Yelp. Reviews for it were decent and since it was close by, I decided to try it during the Easter weekend.

Ambiance – 8.5/10. They have renovated this restaurant since I was last here many years ago when it was Hong Wing, a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant looks like a fancy French restaurant with the handwritten chalkboard, wooden furniture and soft jazz music in the background. However, I felt like the big screen TV was a little out of place. We came here at 4 p.m. and the restaurant was not busy at all.

Food – 6.5/10. I was disappointed about the food given its pricier menu. We ordered the spinach and cheese quesadilla which comes with fries.

The fries were served in a cute little deep fry basket and came with ketchup. I think their fries are made in house. They had a thin cut and were crispy like potato chips. However, I think they either over-fried the fries or maybe they re-fried them because the colour was too dark.  The quesadilla was warm and crispy which I liked. It also had a very strong garlic taste which was a good match. I believe they heated the tortilla shell with the cherry tomatoes and spinach inside which over-soften the veggies. After 10 minutes, the quesadilla became very soggy and when you bit into it, there was juice everywhere. A better way would be to thaw the spinach and just put them with the cherry tomatoes in the tortilla shell after they toasted the shell.

I ordered the shitake mushroom stuffed meatball fettucine which was a popular item based on the Yelp reviews. The pasta in Alfredo sauce on the side was decent but that is pretty hard to screw up. As for the meatballs, I felt that they should have pan-fried it rather than deep-frying it. The batter on the outside really took away from the taste of the shitake mushroom and meat inside.  You could barely taste the shitake mushroom but if you look closely enough, you could see some diced pieces in the meatball. I think a better way to serve this dish would be to stuff the meat inside a whole shitake mushroom and just pan fry that. This dish costs $15. The proportion is fine for lunch but would be too small for dinner.

Service – 9/10. The restaurant only had one other table so the servers responded quite quickly to our requests. Food was served promptly as well.

Good to Know! – We were too full so we did not get to try their homemade ice cream. It seems like their Thai Milk Tea flavor is a popular choice.

Overall – Come here for their desserts and have your dinner or lunch elsewhere!

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