After a good night rest, we started our day with breakfast at the café located inside our hotel. Amongst the 6 of us, we got 4 to share but the proportions were quite generous so it was more than plenty. We ordered the pancake tower, egg white omelet, Italian omelet and one other omelet which I forgot the name of. The taste was decent and the prices were reasonable. I would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for an economical breakfast in Vegas.

With breakfast in our tummies, we began our hotel hopping journey on the Strip. First hotel was the Mirage. This hotel is known for their volcano eruption show which happens at 8 and 9 p.m. on weeknights and 8, 9 and 10 p.m. on weekends. The show only lasts about 10 minutes but it is quite exciting and you can actually feel the heat from the flames!

The next hotel was Harrah’s. Harrah’s is one of the older hotels on the strip but it is still worth checking out as they have a large “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign inside. This is great for pictures!

Third hotel is the Linq which is a re-vamp of the old Imperial Palace hotel. They also added the Promenade Square which hosts the largest ferris wheel in the world along with some restaurants, gift shops and pubs. I really enjoyed the Promenade Square as the ferris wheel makes a great backdrop for pictures, they have my favourite Honolulu Cookies Company store and Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips!

I loved the cookies when I first tried it in Honolulu so we bought tons back this time. We also got free ten cookies because we spent so much there! We had fish & chips for lunch and I do highly recommend it as prices are very decent (around $16 for lunch and a drink) and also the food was amazing. Other than fish, they also have chicken, sausage and shrimp to choose from. You can also pick from three different kinds of fries and six kinds of condiments. It is awesome to see how a fast food shop can still be of such high quality (even the staff working there were in full-blown chef outfits!)!

Next to the Linq is the Flamingo hotel which is the oldest hotel on the Strip! We spent a good 30 minutes inside the Nectar Bath Treats located inside the hotel as the bath bombs were just so adorable! The bath bombs were shaped like cupcakes, ice cream and donuts. It would have been such a waste of money for me to buy them as I probably never use them since they looked so nice. We did buy their body scrub which was super smoothening. They had a buy 2 get 1 free deal so we each got one. I tried it at home and it works so well on the body and the face. I am going to see where I can get more!

From Promenade Square, we headed to the Venetian which is famous for its gondola ride and the Canal shopping area.

Be sure to check out the It’ Sugar store as they have the largest selection of candies I have ever seen.

We also got some macaroons from Le Macaron to try but I found them just so so and pretty pricy. Other stores that you must check out are Carlos’ Bakery and Buddy’s Ristorante. Growing up, I used to watch Cake Boss all the time on TLC so the kid inside me was super psyched to be able to come here and actually try the pastries!

Next to Venetian is their sister hotel, Palazzo. If you love brand names, this is a hotel you can’t miss. For people like me who aren’t brand-conscious, you should still come by and snap a picture of the giant LOVE sign in front of the large waterfall.

We crossed the street from Palazzo and headed over to the Fashion Show Mall. This mall is the largest on the Strip and every time I come here, I can never go through the entire thing because it is really that big! This time I already allotted 2.5 hours but it still was not enough.  Even if you are not a huge shopping person, I still recommend coming here to check it out as they really do have a large selection of stores and it is a quieter area on the Strip away from the heat and the crowds!

After we picked up our tickets from the box office, we went to The Buffet at Wynn for dinner. Since we were seeing Le Reve here, we bought the ticket and buffet combination which saved us around $6 per person. A good tip here is to call in to Wynn’s box office and book your tickets through them to waive the convenience fee which you normally have to pay online and they can also get you better seats! The top two buffets in Vegas are Wynn and Bellagio. However, I feel that Wynn is slightly cheaper and they have a very good selection of food to choose from. Their food selection literally spans three blocks which includes pizza, salad bar, seafood, sushi, meat cuts and desserts. They also have a good list of beverages which are already included in the price. I don’t get the buffet pass which I know is a really good deal because I find that I always overeat at buffets since you want to get your money’s worth and you miss out on the opportunity to try out all the other really good restaurants in town.

After we stuffed ourselves at the buffet, we headed to the theatre for our Le Reve showing at 9:30 p.m. We bought the cheapest tickets in the theatre but we were in the first row of our section so our spots were still very close and central. We got the aisle seats too so we could be up and close with the performers which were entering from the side of the stages.  The show ran about 1.5 hours and was very entertaining.  I found this one very similar to the House of Dancing Water show that I saw in Macau as it features a moving water tank as the stage and performers were doing various acrobatics in the water.

It was 11:30 p.m. by the time we reached our hotel and it was once again time for bed. Today we made good progress on our hotel hopping journey on the Strip!


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