I was browsing on Social Shopper to find some fun activities to try in town and I came upon tickets for the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. I have never been before but I have heard good reviews from my friends who have gone before so I decided to go check it out.



The offer has 3 options and we went for the $18 option which includes two tickets to a Wednesday or Thursday 7:30 p.m. show. There is also a $1.50 convenience fee for each ticket when you purchase online which totally sucks when the ticket themselves only cost $9! That’s a 17% fee! After cringing on the fees, I selected our seats and since we booked early, we were able to get a table seat right in front of the stage.

Free parking can be difficult to find in Granville Island and this is even true on a week night when the weather is nice out. We were lucky to find one and saved ourselves $10 which is what I had to pay last time in the paid lots for 3 hours.

My friend and I grabbed a quick dinner in the Food Court in the Market where there is a decent selection of cuisines such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, etc. Although it is not cheap, it is definitely a less expensive option compared to the fine dining restaurants in Granville Island. My only complaint about the Food Court is the flocks of pigeons and seagulls which roam around freely under the tables scrounging for food. I am super afraid of birds so this dining experience was definitely a petrifying one for me!

After dinner, we walked around the other side of the Market where they sell fruits, local artisan crafts, bread and meats. The produce was cheaper than what you will find in the supermarkets and also looked much fresher. The Market shuts at 7:00 p.m. every night.


We still had some time to kill before the show so we took a scroll around Granville Island. This was my first time actually walking around the outskirts of the Island and I discovered that the Emily Carr University campus is actually pretty big. From its exterior, it is difficult to tell that it is a university of art as I find that it looks more like a commercial factory.


Around 7:00 p.m., we headed over to the Improv Centre and picked up our tickets. The theatre was not ready yet so we hung out in the bar area and chilled for a bit. The Centre has a pretty decent bar area facing the water with a good selection of drinks. You can also order a drink and enjoy it during the show. Inside the theatre, there is approximately 10 tables which are located in front of the stage and there are stadium seating located in the back. For our show, it was about 70% full.


After we were seated, the show started promptly at 7:30 p.m. The show ran for 1.5 hours with a 15 minute intermission break. The show we were watching that night was called TheatreSports in which two teams compete to get the most points by acting out scenes based on suggestions provided by the audience. They also have other shows such as Ok Tinder – Swipe Right Comedy which pokes fun at the Vancouver dating scene and Oh Canada which plays on Canadian stereotypes. These shows also seem very interesting so I think I might be back to check them out!


I had a really great time watching Theatresports as I was entertained and laughing the entire time! The players were very witty, professional and vivacious. When the players are really into the game, it really draws the audience right in. Also, I really enjoyed the player-audience interaction that happens throughout the night. The level of participation from the audience really impacts the quality of the show!


It was also really nice how they offer 50% off tickets to the audience for their 9:15 p.m. show and they also gave out free tickets for liking them on their Facebook page. If you’re also interested in improv shows, you should check out their website at


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