When I went for lunch at Strike, I walked by this high tea place and its fancy décor caught my eyes right away. After lunch, my mom and I came to look at the menu and decided to come try the week after as they are doing a special promotion right now. We came here at 4:00 p.m. on a week day and there were already a few tables occupied.

Ambiance – 9.5/10. I think what makes it worthwhile to visit this high tea place at least once is its décor. They have an automated white grand piano in the middle of the restaurant which plays music continuously. I love their colourful tea set displays along the walls of the restaurant. All their furniture and fixtures feel very elegant and European. You really do get the full high tea experience dining here!

Food – 9/10. There were four of us that day so we ordered 2 sets to share. The food was served promptly after we ordered our tea. Tea is not included in the set and costs on average around $7-10 per pot. They have a large selection of teas to choose from but it sucks they only refill the tea with water so it does get diluted over time. We ordered the Rose Fairy and Peach Melba to share. The Peach Melba had a stronger scent but it had a slight bitter after taste so I do recommend having that one with sugar.

In addition to the items on the high tea stand, they also served on the side a potato shrimp salad, cream puff, squash soup and macaroons. These items were pretty delicious as well but my favourite was the cream puff as it was very rich and creamy. The shell of the puff was pink but I could not really taste any strawberry flavor.

On the first tier of the high tea stand, they had 2 blue earl grey cupcakes and french vanilla cream brulee. The cupcakes had an edible unicorn placed in the center which was very cute. I liked the cream brulee as it was not too sweet.


On the second tier, they had the mango cheese cake, blueberry tarts and fruit cake. Out of the 3, my favourite was the mango cheesecake as the mango was very sweet.

On the bottom tier, they had the smoked salmon cones, club sandwich, beef wellington pie, chicken salad wrap and chiffon cake. Everything on this tier was decent but I liked the smoked salmon cones the most as it looked very pretty like a rose. The cream in the chiffon cake was very smooth.

For $49, you really do get the value for what you pay for. The proportions were very large even for two people. We had to pack almost half of it home. They give you these cute take-away boxes to pack up all your goodies. I really like their pastries as they are very creamy and smooth. Although it is a good deal, the sizes felt a tad too big by high tea standards. It doesn’t feel very lady-like when you are trying to shove one of these giant pieces of cake into your mouth!  Also, in a set, they do not have two of everything so you have to split it with your friend and sometimes it can be messy as crumbs get everywhere.

Service – 7.5/10. It took a while to get the server’s attention to help us get orders as they were doing their own thing at the bar.  Some of the servers’ English were not very fluent so you may have better luck communicating with them in Mandarin/Cantonese. Also, I deducted a point because their instructions on the menu are a little confusing. It was $49 for a set but a set can feed 2 people. It took them forever to get that message across.

Good to Know! – They are doing a special promotion until the end of August 2017. If you order more than one set, it is $49 rather than $78 per set. Reservation is required as they need to prepare the sets in advance.

Overall – I would say it is worth trying once but unfortunately it did not make it into my top 3 favourite high tea places.

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