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I have never been to Parq Vancouver before so I wanted to pick a restaurant there so I could check out the venue after we finished dinner. All 4 restaurants in Parq Vancouver are doing Dine Out this year but the menu that caught my eye the most was The Victor.

Ambiance – 8/10. The restaurant is located on the rooftop of the Parq (6th floor). I personally find the wallpaper in the doorway a little disturbing as it looks like dying cockroaches but my mom seems to think it looks nice…

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Also, the décor of the restaurant is just mediocre at best but the view from half of the restaurant is pretty stunning. There is ¼ of the restaurant with the view of Science World and ¼ with the view of Roger’s Arena. I was told by our hostess that we would be getting a table with a great view and guess what…we sat in the ½ that was facing the wall. L However, the reason why I scored the ambiance so high is because of the breathtaking view along the walkway to the restaurant where you have Roger’s Arena as the backdrop surrounded by a beautiful lit-up pond. I would love to grab a drink out here during the summer time!


Food – 7/10. The restaurants are managed by the James Beard Award-nominated restaurateurs Elizabeth Blau and Canadian Chef Kim Canteenwalla of Blau + Associates. The menu is influenced by the multiculturalism of the city and is prepared with local, fresh ingredients.

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We each got a piece of cheese bread with Japanese shitake mushrooms to start. The bread had an interesting crunchy texture and was very moist.

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For appetizer, the three of us ordered the crab lobster bisque which was poured into a bowl by our server. The bisque came with a tiny piece of lobster and crab along with a piece of toast. The bisque itself was creamy and thick but lacked the sweetness of lobster compared to the one I had at Wildtail. Proportions were also much smaller.

20180127_204225 2.jpg

For entrée, I ordered the coho salmon and my mom ordered the sirloin cap. The salmon tasted fresh with no fishy taste. The sirloin cap, on the other hand, tasted a little too salty and the ends of the steak was a tad chewy. Proportions were decent.

Dessert was my favourite. I ordered the chocolate mousse and my mom ordered the Eton Mess. I liked how they used banana in the Eton Mess as that is one of my favourite fruits but I felt that you could taste the ingredients (raspberry, banana, sponge cake and lemon meringue) individually but they did not really blend well together. Conversely, the chocolate mousse was super delicious! The chocolate was so rich and creamy yet not too sweet. I love how they included gold sprinkles on it which made it even more glamourous!  We were pretty full after the 3 course. $40 for $52 worth of food is not too bad.

Service – 7/10. Even though we make reservations, we still had to wait 30 minutes for our table. It didn’t make sense to us why we weren’t seated even though we saw vacant tables. The hostess told us it was because she wanted to get us a table with a greater view which did not materialized. Other than that, the service throughout the evening was fine. Our server was quick to attend to our needs and food was delivered promptly. The servers all carried a portable serving tray stand and carefully organized our dishes before putting it on our table.

Good to Know! – Parking is very limited. For the size of this venue, 1070 spots are not enough! We circled a few times before we were able to find a spot. The elevators are also super slow. Expect to wait at least five-eight minutes before the elevator comes to your floor and when it does, it is already jam packed. Give yourself plenty of time to get here!

Overall – It was nice to finally get to check out this up and coming spot in downtown Vancouver but I don’t think I will be coming back soon. If I want to hit up a casino, I would rather go to River Rock instead where there’s plenty of parking and is also less crowded.


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