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I made lunch plans with my girlfriends and since it was “Dine out season”, we decided to pick a restaurant with a Dine Out lunch menu. The Chop menu sounded delicious and was a great deal for $20 so we decided to give it a try.

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Ambiance – 8/10. I really like the décor in the restaurant. It is very classy and chic. We were lucky to get a booth seat which has a very fancy, disco-ball like centerpiece. We came here on a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant was not too busy.

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Food – 8.5/10. The menu is honestly a steal for $20. The steak sandwich alone is $22 on their regular menu! For appetizer, my friend and I ordered the soup of the day which was a tomato basil soup. The soup was hot and creamy. With tomato soups, I am always afraid that it may be too acidic tasting.

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For entrée, my friend ordered the Carolina Club and I ordered the Steak Sandwich.  Both sandwiches come with a side of fries or salad. My 6 oz steak was cooked medium rare just as I had ordered it and was really succulent. The bread and onions were very crispy. My friend’s sandwich also looked very delicious. Both dishes were plated really well as well.

For dessert, we both ordered the apple crumble which came in a cute little cast iron pan. I like how it was served warm with vanilla gelato ice cream but I found the raspberry and apple a little too sour. I wish they had put more brown sugar crumble in it!  Their proportions were very generous so I could not finish it all.

20180128_142816 2.jpg

Service – 7/10. The restaurant was not too busy but it seemed to be quite understaffed. Our poor server was running table to table and you can see he was sweating. The food came promptly but we had to wait until he was done with other tables before he could help us.

Good to Know! – The restaurant also has a very nice lounge which is located next to the restaurant.

Overall –  I feel that the quality of their steak is not as good as The Keg but it is still worth a visit for lunch to enjoy the nice décor without worrying about long line ups.

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