We grabbed some breakfast at a café near our AirBnb before we headed for the Museum of Flight. There are lots to see at this museum so allocate at least half a day here for you to see everything. When you purchase your tickets, make sure you grab a brochure to find a list of the free tours offered throughout the day. Each tour is about 30 minutes long and are led by volunteers of the museum.


At the entrance, you can also purchase admission for the two 3-D shows that they have. They cost $5 each and are approximately 30 minutes long. We watched the one about planets and we really enjoyed it. They also have paid rides on some simulators but the line ups were long and it was pricy so we skipped it.


Before lunch, we were able to get through the Great Gallery, the Tower and the Red Barn. There are lots of aircrafts, artifacts and reading in these two areas.


It was particularly interesting to learn about the work performed by air traffic controllers. The view from the Tower was also very nice as it was high up.


We decided to have lunch at the Wings Café. There is another café inside the museum which serves a similar menu. It was quite busy as it was lunch time. The prices are reasonable at this Café and there is a decent selection of items to choose from.  I ordered the pulled pork burger and my friend ordered the hummus pita bread. The presentation was good and taste was not bad.

After lunch, we went to see the World War II Gallery. They had a very large collection of aircrafts and artifacts about World War II.


I have been to the War Museum in Ottawa last summer which was also based on this era. Although this gallery was not as extensive as the Ottawa museum, it was still a good representation of what happened during the war.


Then we crossed the helix bridge to the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery which is a small gallery which talks about space aircrafts.


There are some interactive exhibits here to check out but we went through it relatively quickly.




Finally, we made our way to the Aviation Pavilion which was my favourite exhibition in the museum.


In this exhibition, they have many 777s and 787s on display, some of which you can go inside to take a look. They even have a retired Air Force One here!


There are two short walking tours that you can sign up near the entrance for the Boeing B-17F and Boeing B-29.  We did the one for the Boeing B-17F and we learned a great deal about this bomber which was used by the Allies during World War II.


This Pavilion was well organized which made it easy to navigate. Before heading out, we visited the gift shop and I purchased some postcards and pins.


There are two more shopping stops along the way home. Our first one was Trader Joe’s where we picked up some grocery items. I love Trader Joe’s as they sell organic items for decent price. My favourite is their organic dark chocolate bars and their cold pressed apple juice. Traffic was bad on I5 so it took us very long to get to our next destination, Seattle Premium Outlets. It has been at least two years since I’ve been here and it seems like they have opened up quite a few new shops. It was already 5 p.m. when we got here but the Outlet was still pretty busy. I suppose it was because they were having an early sale for their 4th of July celebration.


We shopped for almost 3 hours and then went over to Olive Garden for dinner. We used to have an Olive Garden in Richmond, but it shut down a long time ago. The food was great so I really missed it!


For entrée, we ordered the stuffed chicken marsala and the mushroom ravioli.


Each entrée comes with unlimited soup and breadsticks! I had the chicken gnocchi and my friend had the minestrone for soup.


Everything we had that evening was super delicious, just like how I remembered it used to be!


With a full belly, we began our drive back home.


It took us about 1.5 hours to get to the border from the Outlet Mall. Fortunately, since we came back so late, there was a very short wait at the border. After we crossed the border, it was smooth sailing going home. The three-day Washington trip was a success! I am surprised that I was still able to find new attractions and restaurants to check out in Washington even though I have visited many times in the past. Hope I don’t have to wait another 2 years before I visit again!


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