Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

We came here for brunch on a Saturday morning on a rainy Vancouver day. It is early September but it feels like fall is here already! 😦  It was my first time trying out this cafe but this one is my ex co-worker’s favourite. 


Ambiance – 8/10. This cafe has a retro theme so there are many posters, lunch boxes and other items from the 70’s or 80’s on the wall. They also have the red leather seats in their booths. My ex co-worker particularly likes the row of Coke bottles used as a divider in the middle of the cafe. We came here at 11 a.m. and waited about 15 minutes for a table. When we left around 12:45 p.m., a line up was already forming outside the restaurant.


Food – 7/10. The proportions are quite large and the price is quite reasonable for the Kits area. This restaurant has many vegan and vegetarian options to choose from.

My ex co-worker and I both ordered the Belgian waffle but I had mine with a side of sausages and she had the bacon for $14.99. I only managed to finish 2 of my waffles but they were pretty fluffy and creamy. I like my waffles served really hot so it would actually melt the butter when I put it on. These ones were warm so I was only able to partially melt it. As for the sausages,  I found them a little bland.


Our friend ordered the Jimmy’s Greek Egg Omelette. Pretty big proportion for $12.50.


Our other friend was more adventurous and ordered the special of the day which was an egg benedict with guacamole.


Service – 9.5/10. Our server was very nice and came by quite often to see how we were doing. My friend’s coffee was constantly refilled. Even though there was a long line up outside, they never rushed us to leave. Food was delivered quite quickly.

Good to Know! – The restaurant is located on busy West 4th Ave. Look for free 2 hour parking along Arbutus Street which is about two blocks away. There are also lots of paid parking nearby with 3 hour maximum parking.

Overall – A decent brunch cafe on Kits which is worth a try.

Birthday Adventures – Sept 4

Can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly and it is already my birthday! I had almost a week long of celebration with family and friends and I had a fantastic time! 

Look at all the delicious birthday cakes I had!

On the day of my birthday, my boyfriend and I started out with lunch at the Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant at Marine Gateway. I ordered the pad see ew (Thai stir fried noodles) with chicken and my boyfriend had the pad kee mao (Thai drunken noodles) with vegetables. The food was very tasteful but the proportions were pretty small for their prices. Worth a try but probably will not revisit.

After lunch, we watched a movie at the Cineplex upstairs. As it was my birthday we decided to go all out and did the VIP experience which costs double the money for a general admission. It was pretty dead that day — probably because it was such a nice day out and it was still early in the day — so we had the entire cinema to ourselves! Bad Moms was a great movie but you could probably wait until it comes out on DVD.

There is a separate entrance for the VIP experience. The long escalator takes you up to the lounge where you can relax, grab a bite and get a fancy drink. There are also patio seats outside but the view is not that great.  The seats inside the cinema are 1.5x wider than regular seats with a reclining option and more space for armrest.

After the movie, we drove down to Steveston to catch the last bit of summer sunshine. It was pretty busy when we got there but we were still able to get a free parking spot.  We first walked around the pier to check out the the seafood on sale.

We then went for a stroll on Moncton Street to look at the local shops. There is a bakery here which only sells one type of bread and costs $10 per loaf. The decor is very nice inside so I always pop by just to check it out.

There was a new cafe here which I have not seen before. The decor inside is also very fancy. Menu was relatively limited (coffee or tea) but it looked like a great place to relax and grab a drink.

When you are in Steveston, you must try their fish and chips! Pajos is the most famous but we wanted a patio seat right on the wharf so we picked Sockeye City Grill. I had two piece of halibut with chips and that costs me $26! You are definitely paying a premium for the view here. Take out is $10 cheaper so I highly recommend doing that instead if you don’t mind eating out on the benches. Personally, I prefer Shady Island more as they have more variety on their menus.

Other than fish and chips, you must also try Timothy’s Ice Cream Bar in Steveston. This place has been around for 20 plus years and are famous for ice cream and frozen yogurt. They are cash only but prices are decent (2.5 scoops with waffle cone for $5.25). Make sure you get the waffle cone as they are freshly made in-house!


To burn off that ice cream we had, we took a stroll in Garry Point Park which is about a 10 minute walk from the pier. Many people come here to fly kites, ride bikes or go for a stroll. The view here is really nice as it is right by the waters. Growing up, we used to come here all the time to play in the water or BBQ.

After sunset, we went to Earls for dinner. We went at 9 p.m. and the patio was already closed but not much of a loss since it was quite chilly in the evening. I had the Alantic salmon with feta, caper and dill aioli, jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables. The salmon had a strong fishy taste but was cooked just right. I really enjoyed the jasmine rice as it was mixed with some diced pan fried garlic which really added flavour and texture to the dish. My boyfriend was still full from lunch so he only had the tortilla soup. His soup was great but I recommend going for the larger size to get a bang for your buck.

It was a perfect day and I had a great deal of fun! Until next year…